Moe Grubaugh

Moe Grubaugh Top Ohio Realtor

From a young age, Moe Knight Grubaugh has had a passion for service and changing people’s lives for the better. 8+ years in the customer service industry have helped form his high standards of quality, formidable communication skills, and experience with diplomatic negotiations. In addition, his time as a manager taught him how to advocate for people, stay organized, and manage his deadlines wisely. In the workplace especially, Moe is driven by a high degree of detail awareness and follow-through on tasks/projects. He continually strives to make things as high quality as possible.

Finding energy and solace in nature, some of his favorite activities are traveling, hiking, and kayaking should the weather permit. This has given him extensive knowledge particularly for the various parks and trails in NEO! During the Winter or rainy days, pastimes such as reading, journaling, and home projects keep him occupied. For fun, Moe and his girlfriend frequent Cuyahoga falls, Tallmadge, Stow, Fairlawn, CVNP, Highland Square, Hudson, and Kent-to name a few. Graduating from Crestwood High, attending Kent State University, and currently living in Akron (Ellet) makes him the choice Realtor agent when it comes to both Portage and Summit Counties. Plus, as a member of the LBGT community he offers an approachable/understanding environment for those on all walks of life.

For Moe, choosing the path of Real Estate was a result of seeking a career that was able to provide his life with flexibility and family with financial security. All while still getting to help people along the way. To him, being a Realtor offers the perfect intersectionality of freedom, growth, investment, and connection. Unexpectedly, the required constant continuing education has been a bonus to him, as he loves learning new things about the industry. He needed a profession centered around people; because he believes that genuine connection is the largest pillar of success. That the best results come from truly understanding people’s stories and the underlying “whys” behind the decisions that shape their lives.

“No matter what your circumstances may be at the time, when you set out to achieve something, always begin with the belief that you just might do it”

Moe Grubaugh, Sales Partner
Direct: 330-569-8943

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